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Today Has Been A Wacky Wednesday

Today is Wacky Wednesday challenge day. And it really has been a long hot day. A few wacky things happened.

Went out to check on the bluebirds earlier. Got chased by a mockingbird. Yes I did. That usually means they have a nest somewhere I got too close to. Excuse me is what I said to the bird! 🙂

Then later I was checking the mail in the front and a dove was fussing at me and followed me back to the front porch! 

Too many birds in my yard to keep up with for sure.

Attached is a fireworks photo I took from the neighbor on the 4th of July. 

Photo ©CarolDM

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Written by Carol DM


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  1. Thanks Carol, a nice few photos..We have many varieties of birds on our lawn and you could spend all day watching them, they are real characters.
    I told one of the ducks he had a dirty bill and he should clean it up. Went for a walk, came back and went to look again and guess what? His bill was cleaned, maybe because I have water baths for them on the lawn.
    You would think he understood me?

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