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The Coffee Talk Challenge – Fortune Cookies

Today my assistant to our coffee break brought Fortune Cookies with wishes, cookies inside of which you find some kind of wish. 

I got a very strange wish: “Hurry when you have time; then you will save upfront when you really need to hurry”. We had a long discussion about what we were told here.

There have been many improvisations on this subject, but I leave it to you to decide and improvise the essence of this thought.

But I somehow found it to fit my mood perfectly – maybe I am in a hurry to finish the year so I can get 365 new opportunities as soon as possible? And since projects are endless and time-consuming, so I hurry, hurry to start and execute them, or at least try, even risking to make angry the monsieur Time? I hope it forgives me.

And still, I wish myself and others to calm down, not to waste time, not to spend the last days with impatience.

 Everything will be when it needs to be – the calendar sheets will change without our haste, the last year’s midnight will come without our endless waiting.

© Fortune, 2019 

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  1. I got introduced to fortune cookies at a Thai restaurant in the US. I was so impressed that I bought a bag full and used them at a party back home.

    That’s a good saying you go there Saving time is what it says.

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