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Inner peace

Today, with the new virus raging in the world and normal life having to be paused, we are increasingly succumbing to stress. However, as our needs change, so do opportunities that we may not have noticed before change too.

Although spring is shining outside the window and I would like to meet friends in the city on the sunny cafe terrace, have a cup of coffee and enjoy the new fashion catches, we now spend more time at home and catch the sun rays away from others.

We go for a walk on the more secluded forest paths, ride a bike escaping from the long-heard hustle and bustle of the city, go to visit the quietly hidden treasures of nature or pick up a book and take it to the balcony or terrace to read it.

Have you noticed that we are more and more happy with small things, such as playfully animal-shaped clouds floating in the blue sky, a tree adorned with buds, moments when we can close our eyes, turn our faces to the sun, and think nothing – just be, feel, and listen.

It’s time to listen in  to your inner world, to realize what we really need to live with a smile, to maintain vitality, to improve, and to learn to manage stress.

Now material things are gradually being pushed aside, and the simple ones have become the new luxury that we have been tying to replace with shiny packaging, reviews of new beauty products or must-have fashion purchases. Today, luxury is an inner peace that we can help restore to ourselves.

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  1. I keep thinking positively and I take some deep breaths to calm myself every day. Doing writing jobs can get stressful always looking for more work and with these added problems I try to keep myself calm and collected.

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