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Today, in everyone’s heart, there is only a little peace. But there is also the bright side of recent events. We will all look at many things differently after this crisis. We will discover new opportunities. Humanity skills do not grow when you sit in front of the TV, but when we begin to shift your gaze to others.

We will understand that things exist also at a distance because we will trust things that are not just touched, seen or measured. We will realize that some important things are confirmed not only by eyes and vision, but by dedication, faith, and will.

And perhaps the most important insight we will gain: we will not always be able to save everyone and the world, but if we save at least one person, we will become more human ourselves.

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  1. It is really a shame that some people are not taking this virus seriously. I guess when they are on their deathbed they may change their minds. I pray most adhere to the warnings and do their part. Also, we need to check on neighbors, family and friends and do what we can for them- at a distance of course.

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