In the jungle of decisions

Every day we make decisions. We make even so simple decisions: what to eat, what to wear, where to go, what to buy, who to talk to, what to do in our spare time and the like. Every step is accompanied by decisions. We are constantly making choices between opportunities. We make some decisions quickly and without much thought, some take longer.

When choices are not too important or questionable, we move through life with calmness and confidence.

But choices are not easy, some of them worry us when it comes to the important things of our lives. Change job? Divorce? Have a child? To quit studying? And many more that can bring confusion because it is hard to choose. Then we get stuck. We are thrown between opportunities. We were afraid of the consequences.

In order to make a more favorable decision, it is best for the heart and the mind to go together, so I think awareness and self-determination are very much needed. It is important to consider what I want and what I am afraid of and what rational arguments are made for each option.

Worst of all, before making a choice, we will never know for sure whether the consequences of a particular choice will be better than the unselected. But every experience is a good experience and that unpleasant consequences are not the endpoint of choice. Sometimes unpleasant things or situations can lead to great changes or coincidences.

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