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The Annoying Poll

We face annoying things, situations and people every day, however different people will have different things that annoy them…

So let’s find out which kind of “annoyance” is the most annoying!


  • Question of

    Which is more annoying in a gathering?

    • People full of crap
    • People who thinks they’re humourous
    • Quiet People who doesn’t respond much
    • Always looking at their phone
    • People who boast a lot
    • Oh! My phone have to “eat” first (taking photo of food)
    • The “interruptor”
    • Others (pls share)
  • Question of

    Which action is more annoying?

    • Burping in front of you
    • Farting in a lift
    • Fickling what you dug out of your nose away
    • Cleaning/digging their teeth in public
    • Bitting nails
    • Scratching inner tighs
    • Sratching the butt
    • Spilting in public
    • Others (pls share)
  • Question of

    Which sounds more annoying?

    • Screaming kids
    • Scratching a chalkboard
    • Dragging a heavy furniture across the floor
    • Fork/knife scratching on a porcelin plate
    • Tone-deaf singing
    • Alarm clock ringing
    • Others (pls share)
  • Question of

    Which is more annoying in a huge family gathering?

    • Nosy Relatives
    • Annoying kids
    • Comparative Relatives
    • Socialising
    • Relatives who call you by the wrong name
    • Boastful relatives
    • Awful food
    • Small place that is very packed
    • Others (pls share)
  • Question of

    Which is more annoying on public transport?

    • Eating smelly or strong smelling food
    • Noisy people (talking, laughing loudly)
    • People with loud music leaking from their headphones
    • Watching Video without headphone
    • Not giving way to alighting people
    • Not giving up seats to the needies
    • People taking up more than 1 seats (like lying down or putting their bags)
    • Others (pls share)
  • Question of

    Most annoying things in a friendship?

    • Always uncontactable
    • Only contact you when things happens
    • Borrowing money
    • “I’m always right” friend
    • Others (pls share)


What do you think?


Written by alibb

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