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Thank you for cleaning "my home"!???

Well! My face showed that in the picture when I noticed that all the comments in my previous post:

I call for good understanding!  

 disappeared. I thought I didn’t see well and I opened my eyes as much as I could (Thanks Photoshop !!! ),  but I still can’t see any comments! I think someone wanted to clean my house while I was away. That’s why I feel the need to thank this person.

 Thanks again! Looks like you took your role very seriously, since the comments section from my previous post is empty.  I have a question. Why did you reported  them all? 

 What stupidity on my part to believe that there can be peace on Virily! 

Hope you understand the humor in this post.

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Written by Ileana Calotescu



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  1. I immediately felt pity for this clearly “deformed” lady who welcomed her house being cleaned. What bothered me was that there were some features that reminded me of you. On the bright side, your post trended anyhow, Ileana. (lol) ;-))

  2. Interesting.

    Let’s go back to your original quest – peace!

    I think we can achieve that goal. As a community, we have to pull together.
    leave kind comments.
    take the time to read and share the posts of others.

    we can move forward!!!

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