Ten Thousand Monthly Readers Of my Virily Posts

Thank you guys, you are the main reason why I write the content I write about, here on Your constant and loyal support which has grown, 1000% in the past 4.5 years. For a while I just didn’t get it, the bulk of readers here at virily, was clearly not getting me and what I write about, they still don’t, but you, you have gotten me, from the onset and have swelled my readership from less than a dozen readers, four and a half years ago and have steadily promoted my stuff, to where it now is, (10,000 per month, and rising) even during the COVID 19 at it’s worst, and a few Calafornian wildfires, a Huricane or two relentlessly hitting the Florida coast, people pilaging and wrecking good lives and property, all thrown into the cauldron, in the name of love! Still, you kept right on reading my stuff, so, bless everyone of you, my Pinterest readers. May I never disappoint!

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