BOOM! Fauci Sweating Bullets! Trump Investigating His $3.7 Million Obama Era Grant to Wuhan Lab!!!

Here Doctor Fauci said that there will be a surprise viral outbreak, basically after Barak Obama’s second term, ie. in President Trump’s tenure. This update makes me feel so sick and angry. I cannot imagine someone spends money on something that has a serious threat to human life and now, the whole world is in its grip and we can do nothing to stop it.  It has NOT claimed thousands of lives and millions are NOT suffering because it is so deadly, as not one person in the world has died from COVID 19!!! They die from old age, flu, respiratory  illnesses and added to it, F E A R  


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  1. Economy and normalcy of life will come back. Even better. Freedom-loving Americans are strong and hardy. Will not let totalitarian form of government stifle our freedoms towards prosperity, security and happiness. As we stand united, “In God We Trust”.

    Looks like you are well prepared. I just put in some vegetable seedlings ready. No beef jerkies, though. Stay safe, Andre.

    • What an inspiring lady you are, bless you!
      America, no, scratch that, the world needs more of your kind. The biggest problem that exists, in the world, is not the virus, but FEAR. Come to grips with that, in yourself then all else falls flat on its face. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  2. I looked further about what you said about Dr. Fauci’s “pandemic warning”: Dr. Fauci’s speech in Georgetown 2017.
    Being a renowned scientist, CDC and NIH expert since 2 Bush administrations. He spoke expertly as a scientist and billion $$ pandering in the expense of diseases and tax-payers, quote, “natural occurrences of influenza pandemics” SARS, ebola, H1N1 N2 N9…zica, amr,”… who warned Presidents about global pandemics and HIV plague (HIV, mainly in his speech and address. I took notes)

    Here’s the main gist of his speech on 20:08 part of the video: quote, “The answer … what’s the best to be, really, (hyperbole) successful in addressing the ‘disruptive’ occurrences to each President is, ‘The development of universal influenza vaccine for seasonal changes but also, pandemic.” (28:08 slot on video).

    Every time he opens his mouth, there’s billion $$ vaccine agenda attached to it.

    • Well, I guess you’ve nailed it Country Moma! At least that’s my take on it too. Because at that section in the video, Fauci smoothly slips in, “there WILL be an outbreak” (lol) Thanks for double-checking, CM. Stay safe from the Zombies, sheeple. Our real problems will come from the starving masses, some of my friends in Maryland, who do “dumpster-diving” for their Youtube channel, “The Chris & Hollie Show” say some stores have actually shut-down completely, throwing out perfect, brand new stuff, that’s so sad.

      I’ve prepped, some products, like dried vegies and fruit and also tinned stuff. I even experimented, successfully! making a batch of vac-packed ground beef jerky. It came out so dang good, mmm, yum. Our tasting nearly wiped out half of our stash, this is just in case utilities die on us.(lol) :-0

  3. Don’t you think Dr. Fauci was “whistle-blowing” what he knew was happening under Obama’s nose? And at that time, he and the Obama admin and his minions didn’t know that Trump would be the president. No wonder the Democrats are so panicked and Trump-deranged.

    • Anything is possible right now, Country Mama, but the senate banned all further developments of COVID 19 back in 2014 but he just went ahead with it. Unfortunately, for me to remain objective, I would have to opt for facts and not speculation and if you watched his entire video, you can hear him speak at Georgetown University clearly, almost boastingly say, in 2017, that the President of this time, (2020) will have the “Outbreak” Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential election on November 9, 2016, and became the President-elect. Trump and his running mate, Mike Pence, were formally elected by the Electoral College on December 19, 2016. So, President Trump was a year into his presidency when he made this speech.

      • So, is Fauci the mole of all this $3.7m NIH pandemic research-outbreak? Is Trump making him “undo” what he (Fauci) did with China? Because he’s got all the “brains” (funded since Obama) Instead of firing him (which the deep state and media want Trump to do), I don’t know why Trump is still letting Fauci hang around of stick around?

  4. I think it was man made in 2004 by a female scientist working for China. They added the Aids, Sars, covid-2 and others to make this virus. The aids made it so it could jump from bats to human, I do remember that. They are trying to keep the information covered up so it doesnt start a massive panic, I believe. I also think that everyone will eventually get this virus. The weak will die, the others survive. My son and my mother have already had it. I think we wont really know whats going on until way after 2020 if we ever do. I had to click no on sharing this, since there is so much we do not know.

    • Thank you Kim for a refreshing and informed stance on this matter, however, having said that, about people panicking, that is, I think we can possibly agree, that if the powers that be, had initially wanted to avoid panic, they failed dismally, as the entire world has been cloistered up, in a surprisingly submissive way right now, I’m saying, Kim, that folks have in many cases, if not willingly, so, did so with very little encouragement from law enforcement agencies, having sort of fled to the sanctity of their homes. I have just listened to a rather good discussion between Peter Robinson from the Hoover Institution and WSJ’s Kim Strassel, on the COVID 19 topic, and President Trump’s handling of it, called “The Media Versus Trump”. I found it very light, and fastmoving, yet deeply informative and even entertaining at times. I would enjoy hearing your views on this most contentious issue. Here is the link:
      PS. It is not a short one. Thanks again for your above response and stay safe! 🙂

      • You’re welcome. The video was hard for me to watch, as I think Trump is insane. But, I have wondered what the Trump supporters were thinking about his handling of this. Now I know. I think the title should of been, “Reality vs Trump”. He did do a good job at getting the public to protest the shutting down of the businesses and social distancing. Just a few days ago our beaches and city had people elbow to elbow out protesting. I know there are many that support each side on this matter here on Virily, we can all have our own opinions and still love each other. 🙂

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