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Surprise in Backyard

Sharing a surprise photo taken earlier this morning in my backyard. I have been watching a robin’s nest in one of my pine trees. I could see the nest but it was too high up for me to see what was in the nest.

So I had to wait. I would go out and peek as much as I could every day. I could not see anything. But I noticed the female robin flying up to the nest with food. So I knew something was in the nest. 

Yesterday while out checking the rose bush I noticed the robin was making a lot of noise. Sometimes the females will call to the babies when it is time to fledge. I have never been this close to a robin and her babies before. So I stood back to watch. And I witnessed the baby fly out of the nest! Excitement is only a minor description. This moment happens so quickly, if you blink you miss it.

I watched the baby hop down the fence line and it would stop for the female to feed it, then it would continue hopping. This morning it is still in the yard. At least one of the babies is still here.  Not sure how many she has. 

I slowly walked out to the tree this morning and saw the female on the ground. I looked up at the nest and there was a baby staring right at me. Hanging out on a limb. I could not believe it. Maybe this was a second baby that had just fledged from the nest. I had my camera, as always. I snapped about 20 photos. The baby sat still the entire time. As soon as I started walking away, it flew to the momma robin.

The photo is not great but I was under the pine tree and could hear the Momma trying to get me away so I was in a hurry, not wanting to be attacked. The photo below was taken a few days ago. The female is sitting on the nest.

Sorry such a long post but I had to tell you the entire story. So that was my morning, hope yours was good as well.


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Written by Carol DM

Enjoy nature photography. Amateur self-taught photographer and love every minute of the photos from my yard and Dustin's garden. Sunset views from my deck are very peaceful to watch, capture and share. I have two cats, Brendel and the Dude. I share both special and funny moments I capture of them with you.

Also enjoy seeing and reading your posts from all over the world.

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