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Sorry, Okami, I can't take you to the woods today!

On Sunday mornings my wife and I take our dog Okami on a walk in our local woods. However, she has only had one of us as company today.

That is because I managed to fall over in the bathroom last night, bang my head on the washbasin and tear a muscle in my lower leg. I can now only hobble about with the aid of a walking stick!

Okami moves considerably faster than I do at the best of times, but in my current state it would extremely boring for her and very uncomfortable for me.

Oh dear! I’ll just have to wait for the damage to mend before Okami will be getting any walks from me!

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  1. I just might be too late in commenting. First off, sorry to hear about your fall. You should put your blood pressure pills (and any other medications that you take) in a weekly container with every days of the week indicated so you know where you are at. It is a great way to never take too many or forget about medications altogether. Also for your knee, ice is great but also maybe a tensor bandage which is a type of elastic bandage that you apply so as not to bend your knee too much but also to keep some pressure on your knee and it will also help when you start walking on it… As for your head, ask your wife to monitor you and your level of consciousness as you just might have a slight concussion… As long as you wake up easily and are not confused or lethargic, you should be OK. Sorry to be so worrysome but I am an ex registered nurse… Sai hi to Okami for me please and reassure her that you should be going out with her for her daily walks soon…

    • Thanks for the advice. Oddly enough the pills already come in day-labelled packs – the problem was that I take them last thing at night and on the night in question I forgot what day it was! The muscle damage is in the lower leg, so the knee was not affected.

      The good news is that things are on the mend.

  2. I injured my foot a year ago not as bad as you’ve mentioned here (sorry about the fall). It was an injury I had in college.

    I iced it for many months (every night at the end of the day)
    it finally got to the point where it didn’t hurt in 5 months.

    Sorry, that isn’t much help. Icing is the only thing I know that will help you start to heal.

  3. That must be quite painful

    We have anti skid tiles in the bathroom and also there is the bath mat to stand on. This you can do too for the future.

    You should get a physiotherapist who will guide you.

    • I think it was a combination of the bath mat and the fact that I had accidentally taken too many blood pressure pills a few days before and could have blacked out. To be honest, I don’t really remember what happened before my wife found me on the floor.

      But I’m fine now, thanks, apart from the leg and the bump on my head.

      • “Too many blood pressure pills” Never heard of this. Don’t you have a doctor that monitors you. I too take those pills but a fixed dosage.