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Something in Solitude

Chaos works in silence. riots trying to rip the sky. silence gathered; party in cities. replace all the rituals. boredom uploading humor laughing at self. compete with all conspiracy charges. outside the prayers that sound soft. from hopeful lips. waiting for lights from the competents. consume psychic predictions. scavenge the news. the mind flails over the edge. free will competes with hypnosis. ideas voice wisdom luxury has lost its meaning. not the giants to be feared but the smallest. that will change tomorrow. 

Far away, inside. old souls remain motionless. while remaining in the odyssey. in a dimensionless plane. visit all the loved ones too. out there, in them. Hug with love.

  • Has anything changed from you, friends?

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  1. How glad I am to see you again, my dear friend. I thought of you many times. I hope everything is fine with you and your family. There is nothing new about me. Except we’re “locked in”. So I stay home. Only once a week do I go for the most essential foods. Take care of yourself.

  2. First of all, I am over the moon to see you posting. So relieved to know you are ok. I trust your family are safe and well too. The art is breathtaking. Sort of like a solitude of chais as you described. I try to keep all the drama and panic outside. I stay home most of the time and watch the birds and flowers. That keeps my mind at ease. Take care my special friend.

    • I am also very happy that in the end, I can have a little time to visit this community. I have often thought of you and other friends since this pandemic came. Very happy to know that you are fine there, Carol. Unfortunately, despite many not leaving the house, there are still many things I have to do from home, plus some other problems that make me have to set priorities. The rest, I took my time more in meditations.

      Thank you for your appreciation of my work. That is one of the few works that I can make during the past month.

      I think gardening, watching birds and flowers are both fun and rewarding.

  3. Hello old friend of mine. I am glad you `re here. I thought and worried if you were okay. Nothing has changed in my lifestyle. 24 hours at work 24 hours at home. Once a week to the store. Once or twice a month to the pharmacy. I miss many walks by the sea. Here in Spain, the measures are extremely strict. Every day, whether I am leaving or returning from work, the police stop me. I submit a power of attorney to look after an elderly person and continue. But disguised as in a chemical war with a mask and gloves. It doesn’t matter that I’m traveling alone in the car, it’s a must. That’s the thing with me. Beware.

    • Hi, Elenka. Since I was inactive for a long time and then this pandemic came, I also often think of all my friends here, and one of them is you, especially. I am grateful to know that you are well, dear friend.
      This past week, Jakarta has also carried out very strict treatment. I myself prefer to stay at home even though other people already feel bored.

  4. Oh my friend, how nice it is to see you again and that everything is fine with you …. nothing much has changed with me, but everything around me has changed a lot ….. life has become exhausting


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