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Some crazy technology ideas…

I know I have a terrible sense of humor. The twins say I tell a lot of dad jokes. I can’t help it sometimes. So, for today I am sharing some strange ideas that popped into my head today!

  1. The social distance alarm, using sonar from your cell phone to notify others they have encroached on your safe social distance. The user, of course, may set the range. I know a lot of people would set the distance at a 1/2 mile or more!!
    1. A loud alarm sounds and you hear a voice “you have entered my safe social distance zone please step back.” actually can I set mine for 3 miles?
  2. Elephant shaped 3d printers.  Why? I don’t know I have just been thinking about it.
  3. HUD devices (heads up displays for cars) that have built in-jokes!
  4. Speaking of jokes, did you hear the one about the Easter rabbit?
  5. I am replacing all the pens in a building with invisible ink pens. Why? Again no reason just things that pop into my head.
  6. A pull my finger club, T-shirt!

What happens when technologies are left alone. Well, without a market to test crazy ideas on, they rattle around inside our heads. This could have been worse. I did get to talk to my wife last night, and that got a lot of the weird ideas out of my head earlier. Do you ever find yourself looking at something and wondering, could it be done differently>? I often do, and sometimes I set out to do the concept.

Anyways let’s make this fun, what crazy technology or merely any other crazy idea do you have today?

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    It is ok to look at things differently, right?

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    i might need to step outside for a while, right?

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