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Today evening, pushing the shopping cart to the supermarket outside, I suddenly felt like an alien, not a human being, watching these Earth dwellers from a historical perspective. Or maybe I observed them with the eyes of my soul, distancing from the domestic identity?

Buyers spin the circles in big cars, looking for where to park closer to the entrance, so they have to go as little as possible. I intentionally park as far away as possible – my silent rebellion against global laziness. Before Christmas, all the shopping centers are very busy, people drive, shop, talk, smile. Each face tells its own story that it has forgotten.

When I step inside, I stop at the flashing screens, which look far away from reality. Even though the screens feature only Santa clauses and gifts, they somehow don’t remind me of Christmas. Such a Christmas kitsch. 

I stop at the Belgian candy tasting table. I take three different but one, after one bite, I secretly throw it in the trash. Not delicious. Thirteen million people are currently starving worldwide. Or maybe thirty? I try to remember while loading products into the shopping cart. And suddenly I feel ashamed for the candy I threw out…

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  1. I usually shop online. I used to go through all those really crowded Christmas stores in NYC ages ago but today that would really rattle my nerves. This Christmas I am only buying some tasty treats for myself and saving my money

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