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Shadow of Debt ~ Wednesday Shadows

I am sure that most of my friends here are sincere, but after all, every time I read the name of someone who visits or comments on my posts, there is always a feeling of debt to them.

It is a kind of debt that will continue to haunt me, even though sometimes, in the midst of limited time, often I do not have the opportunity to repay their attention, support, and kindness which is full of sincerity, at least I need time to do it.

Well, pay attention to what is happening in my mind, like there is a shadow inherent in me that often makes me think, am I someone who is sincere or even transactional because I always feel in debt as I mentioned above. Aware of it, in this post, I feel the need to apologize if I have not had time to visit your post or reply to your comment in recent days or weeks.

  • Question of

    Do you feel indebted if you know your friends’ visits and comments on your posts?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Are you disappointed if people don’t return your visit or comment?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. Users voted 13 times.
    Q: Do you feel indebted if you know your friends’ visits and comments on your posts?

    Yes (8 votes) – 62%
    No (5 votes) – 38%

    Q: Are you disappointed if people don’t return your visit or comment?

    Yes (5 votes) – 38%
    No (8 votes) – 62%

  2. Yes and no. Yes to question number 1 because the ethics in the social media platforms conditioned our mind that it should be treated as that – transactional. No to question number 2 because hey, it does not matter. One thing though, if a regular follower suddenly stops, I always try to find out why just to make sure everything is well with them. Not to ask them to come back.

  3. I understand that everyone sometimes has a shortage of time. We all have some other obligations. I also sometimes have some day in delays, but later I try to make up for it. But I’m never doing something under compulsion. I’m sure you will do the same ?

    • That is a normal thing but there are people that post 3-5 posts a day, I comment on them all and some of them come like on my every 3rd articl…. You can’t say that is because of the lack of time, I see them here all day sometimes….. But ok, who knows…..

      • I agree with you. I have similar examples too. For a while, I was burdened with this, but I realized that this was not a solution. So I decided to review and comment on only those who read and comment on my post. Unfortunately it is.

        • Thanks much…! It is good to know at least someone understands… Yes, I currently am too, maybe because currently I was like spending my all day trying to comment all the new articles and spending a lot of my Virils on those who post 3-5 times a day so now I will rather spend them on the other people I neglected for them and try to spend less time here, it’s not healthy at all… I look crazy writing all those comments trying to explain myself and yet I don’t know why I’m even explaining myself to the people I don’t even know…! :/

          • Sometimes a double-edged sword is used to interpret some people we do not know. We never know how they will react or accept our explanation.

        • Yes, that is unfortunately true… I always try nice at first but if I get a cynical (or similar), non-understandable answer then I usually interpret those people as “bad” ones so I react due to the frustration…

  4. I always visit and read all the posts of those I follow. I do not do that because I feel in debt. I do that because I want to! Most of the time, because I do not leave a sign (comment) no one knows that I have read its post. No one should feel in debt to me. If someone finds my pictures interesting and visits me, I’m glad. I would not like someone to visit me just because he/she feels in debt.
    I love the shadows in your photo!

  5. I can not force anyone to view my posts and comment,dear Albert … I open and comment only to those who are returning to me … if someone opens me or I do not burden … I’m not here to be burdened but to have fun and chat a little bit with you

  6. Well… sometime we need to adjust our expectations, both on others and ourselves …
    Like many others have mentioned, it’s about time … and sometimes the mood …
    I don’t think anyone should feel guilty or bad because he/she can’t “repay” their visits …
    We all try to repay as much as we can … or at least reply to those who take the time to comment and share their views …

    • Maybe I’m too sensitive, but that’s how I feel, feeling indebted or even feeling guilty when I haven’t been able to visit or reply to your comments or other friends, especially when I’m in the middle of time constraints. I am fortunate that at least I feel I have closeness and mutual understanding with you and many friends here.

  7. I feel like you wrote this post to me Albert, hehehe πŸ˜‰ Or at least been inspired by my recent posts and comments, hehehe…
    I do feel the same at that is exactly what I meant when wrote all those “complaining” comments and articles… I always feel that way and that is why tend to reward everyone and the most I can… (I wrote about it my latest posts) But the problem is I usually tend to indulge those people a lot and do much more for them than they did for me and think it would be appreciated, and maybe returned too… But no…, not much…, at least not as much as I invest in their posts/earning… :/(
    I do understand people don’t have much time, and I myself spend a lot of my time here, even more than I can and should but I guess we all should make some efforts… I understand if real reasons are the reason but I don’t understand if not… I can also understand someone’s interest or non-interest towards me or my posts…
    But I just feel hurt when being treated the way I didn’t deserve…, even with some arrogant attitudes and similar (from the people I gave the most…! :/)…..

    • Maybe our minds are in connection to each other this time… lol

      To be honest, I am often troubled by this problem, especially when I am on a tight schedule like now.
      I am not anxious if people do not pay back to my visit or reply my comment but I am restless if I can not/have not had the opportunity to visit or reply to comments from friends.

      • Hah, maybe…… πŸ˜‰

        I know, that is an understandable situation, but there are people that post like 3-5 posts a day, and I comment EACH of them while I neglect others because I spend all the daily Virils On Them!!!… You can’t say they don’t have the time for taking a look at my 1 article published in several days… (these days I post more often but nothing near 3 posts a day….! not to mention they were the only ones having their articles published on time during this delay in approving posts that was recently happening…)
        I feel bad when not able to return the “favor” but I’m not sure they feel the same at all….. I was so anxious that as soon as I cam from my break I went opening all the posts I missed, do you think anyone cared…..

        • In the past, when I only posted one to three times a week, and read and commented more on friends posts, most notifications were only about points or replies that didn’t always require responses like “Welcome”. Now, after being verified user and posted once a day in general, I can see hundreds of notifications that must be responded to every day, and when I have limited time, it becomes a problem.

          • Oh, no, this wasn’t referred to you… But I think I can understand what you wanted to say although it’s still weird because I think it’s not always the situation with that problem…

  8. Albert, I love your posts. I read them by choice. YOU DO NOT EVER owe me a return visit. I am honored with each comment you leave. But I do not feel that for every time I read something of yours, you have to return that.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  9. It is all about time here. I understand when my friends do not visit or comment, and I know I will see them when they have time. I know you are sincere about visiting and you will as time allows. No worries.

    • For me, maybe for us, after all this time we have become users of Virily and as friends, we have known each other’s character, especially in interacting, as well as our introduction to other friends about it. The introduction of one another, the closeness of friendship, our mutual understanding has strengthened the sincerity between us in interacting, hopefully, this also applies with other friends who are not close enough to us.

      I try hard to make time to read posts from as many friends as possible here, especially those I have known, and also those who have visited my posts, although sometimes it is also difficult due to my limitations.

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