Seven Days ~ 365 Photos Challenge 282

At the closing ceremony of the three-day entrepreneurship training this afternoon, I asked the participants, “We have seven days a week, see how everyone, or at least most people use that time. Five days as slaves and two days to charge the battery for the next five days.” Everyone was speechless and seemed to think.

“Are there any of you who disagree with my opinion? If anyone does not agree, please raise your hand.”

“Alright. Everyone agrees, but is there any of you who try to fight, oppose, or at least get out of the system?” Everyone stays silent.

“It is ironic, isn’t it? We know and agree that we have been enslaved but no one has tried to get out of slavery. Why? Because slavery is supported by all systems in our civilization; religion, politics, economics, social, culture, and education, and all of that is related to almost all of our belief systems. Do we really intend to buy the 5 + 2 Pattern with most of the age, the very expensive cost, and our happiness?  Why do I say this at the closing ceremony? Because this afternoon I was impressed with the question from one of you. He asked: Could it be possible for us to make a business that is one hundred percent win-win, really can make all customers happy, prosper, and give good to everyone with all four dimensions? Well, my answer is a simple question, can do we remove all the programs that have been installed in our minds, and do reprogramming? “

“Well, all my brothers and sisters, businessmen of the future, if you want to be an entrepreneur who can really give all that to your prospective customers, to people, make an effort to free people from that slavery. Could you? Or, Is that possible for you?”

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    Do you see the pattern I mean in our lives?

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    Do you have an opinion about that? I would love to read it in the comment box.

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    • I think entrepreneurship is a way to make us have the welfare of life by giving the best benefits to others as much as possible, and to the widest possible extent. We definitely have to fight over a place if we want to play in a field with lots of enthusiasts unless you make your own playing field. Like Auroville who is very different, or “more independent” in this day and age like being a youtuber, a blogger or like in Indonesia there is a Waste Clinic in Malang, East Java, a clinic that only asks you to hand over garbage to pay for their services.

      I agree that the situation becomes a reality of life because The Brain of the pattern forces us to think such.

      • You break the chain I mean if you are an enterpreneur then it will be ok. Imean if you have a business then you make sure that you don’t practice “slavery” on your business.

        We are also talking about labor force aren’t we? i said even virily is making us slave, why do we keep on returning here for a few pennies? Although here we have a choice. if we want or we don’t like.

        • I really understand your point of view. That’s the reason I challenge people everywhere; to realize what the essence of today Earth civilization, who we really are, why we are here, and so on…
          and that’s also my reason of why I’m here in Virily, in a community where even pennies being sugar dope that surrounded by ants.

          • Glad that you understood my point. Yes Virily, or other sites like myLot it is fine to hang out and earn a little while interacting, for me this is also my training ground to English communications.

  1. Most people that work a 5 day week do feel they have become a slave to that job, to that employer. I have been in that position before and it is not a good feeling. But it was survival for many years. Thank goodness not any more. But I now take every day and every moment, and savor each one as if it were my last.


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