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School times – a poem composed by me

School times were the best part of my life.  We were a small group of 33 that spent ll years together.  The school was run by nuns.  I was an average student in studies but enjoyed extra curricular activities such as acting.

I did not much enjoy college days as it was a huge number and students came from many schools.

This poem brings back  happy memories.


Destiny takes us we know not where

But we carry our memories there

School times, classmates loads of fun

Exams done accolades won.

Driving  teachers round the bend

Teasing, jeering it had no end

“Stand on the bench” they’d  scream away

But from them we would run away

Lunch time spent in running around

In the baking sun till the ball was found

The recess over, back to the class

Striving for those marks to pass

Some were always up to pranks

Competing for those tempting ranks

Pushing prodding to come out first

If one failed the tears would burst

Classmates are a wonderful gift

Try your best stop the drift

Teachers, masters ever so kind

Tough it was to leave them behind

So many years of endless joy

Fun and frolic boy oh boy!

Dramas, rehearsals, singing galore

I wish those years were here once more

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