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Lapland and Santa Claus

Sometimes it seems like it would be fun to have Christmas every day. If they come to our homes and hearts and stay here all year, every day … In fact, there are a couple of places in the world where every day is Christmas.

Such a place is Lapland, where Santa Claus works and lives all year long, his deer helper romp in the snow, and the air smells with freshly baked gingerbread in the evenings and the sky get lighted in all the northern lights.-

Santa’s name sounds very cheerful in Finnish – Joulupuki, and he lives in Rovaniemi, 8 km south of the Arctic Circle. To get to Santa’s headquarters, you must overcome a dark ice cave, which for some looks like a horror room, for others a wonderful place full of mysterious sounds of Lapland nature.

Santa Claus, if you wait patiently in not a short queue, will meet you in a wooden hut full of bags of letters and gifts while sitting in a comfortable chair. He communicates pleasantly and takes pictures with visitors. Santa Claus is truly divine in character, famous for being truthful: he does not distinguish visitors and has not the irrelevant letters.

This place is so unlike any other place in the world that you can imagine it being brought here from an alien planet.

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