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Rural tourism …

Rural tourism has been listed very high in developed European countries for years and is one of the favorite recreations for families and individuals alike. Fresh air, escape from the bustle of the city, enjoying the natural beauty are the advantages of this type of vacation that few can resist. More affordable prices than resorts are also a bonus that makes our Western neighbors increasingly opting for this type of recreation.In developing countries such as Serbia, this type of tourism can be an additional income for non-agricultural rural residents. Not only service providers but also the local economy benefit from the development of rural tourism, which receives the necessary financial injection through the influx of tourists. Also, rural tourism can contribute to the revival of forgotten folk arts and crafts, which Serbia can boast of.

I am sorry that foreign tourists mostly see Serbia as a country of pastimes and festivals, especially I think of Belgrade and Novi Sad. Guca, Exit, Beer fest.

Rural or rural tourism is a branch of tourism that has experienced real expansion in our country over the last 15 years.This is a kind of active vacation where tourists go to the countryside and, in addition to vacation, take part in rural activities such as: caring for animals, crops, wintering, old crafts…Rural tourism has many advantages:stay in a healthy natural environment,enjoying local specialties and healthy food,the revival of traditional family values,getting to know the many hidden beauties of our country,practicing sports and recreation in nature, and many others.

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  1. I live in the countryside and sometimes it just kind of hurries, dear Branka … like Guca or trumpeters … like Ada Ciganlija … although I also go to some good farm tourism … good food and drink

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