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Relax and Enjoying The Wind ~ Sky Sunday

Sitting relaxed enjoying the wind in the garden is one way to let go tired or merely being close to nature is a kind of pleasure for me.

That’s what I did this afternoon to relax after taking the picture outside my yard. While enjoying the breeze and the warmth of the afternoon, I waited for the sunset. Apparently, without realizing I was sleeping there until a grasshopper woke me up when the creature perched on my arm. Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to capture it.

I did not sleep enough since Thursday night, even I did not sleep at all on Friday because my wife’s health had been disturbed. Her physical sickness was actually only an effect of supernatural experiences for three consecutive nights. Her sensitivity has made her come into contact with such, even during sleep. Such a thing has happened for a long time, at least a year after I got to know her, and medically, such a thing was not identified of course, except for gastric disorders which became a side effect.

  • Have you ever slept in a garden or such?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Have you ever watched someone experience trance or possession?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. Nice photo and its great to listen to the wind. Yes, I have helped a few women with epilepsy, they are born with the problem of having epileptic fits. I learned how to help them and keep calm. As far as I know there is no cure, yet.
    I have seen quite a bit of sickness of other people but its part of life and do what I can

  2. I’ve known friend who have strong sensitivity towards such things too … but she hardly shares them. Sometimes she would just suddenly ask us to avoid a certain route… Anyway, I hope your wife is doing fine …

  3. Albert, I am wishing your wife all the best with her health and hope she feels better soon. Sometimes the doctors do not have answers. Time is what we sometimes need. Either way I do hope she is better soon.

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