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Relationships as a part of destiny

Our lives have never been down to household things only. We were constantly arguing about existential things like the meaning of life, immortality, or the absolute. We experimented with total sobriety, even vegetarianism but briefly, read Indian philosophers and Castaneda.

It is very important to respect the person you live with because love is such a peculiar thing as smoke – it sometimes thickens, sometimes liquefies, and respect, if true, always remains. Even after turning different paths.

Life in the sense of events is already recorded as our destiny. The only thing that matters in it is effort. Whether you work hard or just work to get paid without doing something? Whether you only have relationships with the ones you are really sincere with and not with those you have to pretend with?

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  1. Love lives as itself, destiny or not, and we should do the same, for a destiny is an unexpectedness of love, based on our non-loving, not on our loving.

    This means that any destiny is more set by rules of karma brought into play by our non-loving, and when we love totally, our destiny is created, creatively, by us, not by our karma, or by anything external to us, then.