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Refresh! So let us talk about refresh. Carol DM suggested that we need one. Then there were a couple of attempts to gain information and try some new things. I am not really certain if we are being more creative and taking on the challenge or not! I tried a few things that I cannot claim as successful.

It’s  stressful time in my life and this is often an outlet and I am certain that gets old. Pounding the head on the same brick wall gets old. I could keep myself busy for hours just chasing virils, however that does nothing for my brain and the distractions that I need as we wait to hear if he will ever wake up or if he will stay as he is until he is removed from the ventalator that is breathing for him.

I’ve done laundry, rearrange the cupboards, prepared meals, raked the yard and still my head and heart are not here. I tried a “dare” and as it turned out I just did it myself.

My husband suggested that I just keep doing what I am doing just more of it. He reminded me that almost noone ever reads it and so it really doesn’t matter. I reminded him that the grandchildren come here to read, so some of it matters.

I didn’t get any suggestions for new topics or kinds of posts. So I am going to keep on keeping on. Read, write, share, repeat. It’s not a refesh. It’s nothing new and exciting, but it works. It seems like the goal is really just to make it work in some fashion or another. I still keep and make my goals. I may even toss them back up here.

I did see somthing unusual on here today. I saw someone commenting in another language. I thought every thing had to be done in English. I guess I will have to ask Doc if I have the rules here mixed up.

Hope you are having a good day.

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    Are we only allowed to speak English here?

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    Do you have any suggestions for topics?

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  1. I am more concerned about those who have left and from readings here and there they have left because there are glitches here. One should surmount those glitches until Admin sets them right as I am doing. I have posted 26 quizzes in a matter of less than 80 days with glitches and all which I have surmounted.

    Most users here write interesting posts. They have to be read, responded to and commented on.

    • While I don’t disagree, I have no control over glitches and how to fix them. I can’t speak for the people who own the site. I put my quizzes in drafts and send them all the correct information in a message and hope for the best. I formally asked for a few things and then I let it go and keep on keeping on.

      I don’t worry about people leaving. If they are not happy here I wouldn’t want them to be miserable.

      • I worry because the more users means more earnings for the site and that is shares with us. Also some of the users who have left are great writers.

  2. we are supposed to post in English. Comments are always more open. Alex Levante and I sometimes post comments in Russian (side joke). So technically you can post comments in other languages.

  3. I think you are doing fine with your range of topics. I always believe we need to write about what we love otherwise it becomes a chore.

  4. Still trying to come up with new refreshing ideas. It can be hard when life is taking you away. Your husband sounds very smart. I think most of our posts are not completely read and understood sometimes. But we keep trying. Whatever works for you is what you should do.

    Not 100% sure about the language question. I have seen that happen before and the member sometimes will come back and apologize, then post in English.