Love ItLove It


Night has gone

morning hasn’t arrived

cosmic chaos

flicked by screams

anger resounds in the universe

try to write itself in akashic record


burning peace

condemning all to go to hell

incite with karma

all will get their punishment

added from revenge

ignoring the majesty of love

won’t stop

holding a disaster

roasting fire

do not know

don’t believe

don’t aware


his mouth has torn his soul

in cycle

ravage all that’s touched

ruined a lot

for many things that cannot be regretted.

  • Have you ever seen anger that’s very destructive?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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    • As part of emotions, anger is rooted in the ego, a small part is a positive ego and the rest is negative ego, all of which are related to fear, attachment, and desire.

      Love, as we know it is everything, in spaces, layers, or without it all, but as emotions or feelings, or as a bond of ownership, love is part of duality with all its ups and downs, so when a wave of anger comes then the love wave is definitely receding.

      In a deeper context, anger is a subject given by love as a lesson, for the subject of anger or as a victim of anger, a lesson that is difficult enough so that people must repeat the same lesson over and over again, or which to a certain point, brings wisdom.

      Awh… This reply might be too long to even be posted as separate writing, right?

      • It would make for a great post!

        I had a professor in college (philosophy class). We were arguing the pieces of love. Anger was a piece of love, as was bliss, frustration, and harmony. All working together to keep us “in love.”

        A stew created with four or more seasonings. The interesting question/thought that has remained with me, can you have Love without Anger?

        • In a high place, love does have branches of anger and love as feelings, therefore, we can only have money that has purchasing power if both sides are pictorial. It’s just that, as we all know, anything that is excessive will damage, or at least inconvenience, excessive love will be possessive and excessive anger will crack the building.

    • You are right, Carol. There is too much anger in the world, in everyone in general. It seems that there are so many reasons for people to get angry and there is almost no reason to avoid or hold back anger. I think the world needs more people like you so that more people love nature and want to build peace in earth.

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