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Nature ~ Little Things #9

Continuing with my Little Things series.

 Let Nature Lift Your Spirits

If you are able, take a few minutes during your day and go outside and really look around. Sit somewhere and just observe nature. Look closely at a plant, a bug even a cloud. Just breathe and focus. At the end of your break you will feel calmer, refreshed and have that much more appreciation for nature.  

I do this every day. For others maybe you enjoy something other than nature. Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy the moments, the days, your life.

Photo ©CarolDM Taken in my garden. Rose of sharon bud, ready to bloom.

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Written by Carol DM


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  1. conversations with people on the social platforms I am a part of.
    Feeling like i am accomplishing something.

    Smiling at everyone and waving as we walk around our neighborhood.

    those are the things that get me through most days!


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