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Questions ~ Wednesday Shadows ~ The photographer's special "glasses"

My daughter asked why I took out some forks and spoons from the storage drawer when I was about to make this photo. I told her that I didn’t have a photo that depicted the shadow of the main object. As I fiddled with the forks, he asked another question until we had an interesting discussion.

One other question is whether I had imagined that shadow before I took out the forks. I answered yes to the question. She continues with many questions such as where the idea came from, whether it was experience, creativity, or knowledge, then where did the knowledge and opinions or views come from, and so on. One question that I answered was questioned again and so on. After I answered one by one the question, “Now, after I answered all your questions, now I ask, where did your new knowledge about that come from?”. “From you, Daddy.”

“Okay… Aside from Daddy, all your teachers at school and college, all books and the internet, social media and others, are there knowledge and opinions that come from within yourself, your original knowledge?”

Seeing she was silent and thinking, I told her, “Just think about it first. You don’t have to answer it now. Answer if you are ready or if you need further discussion”.

  • With similar questions, can you say that you have original knowledge that comes from within, especially about yourself and how should you live your life?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. I often have questions and sometimes when an answer comes back I want to ask more questions.
    Now I believe my husband when he tells me that mankind is a “Growing Intelligence”
    I suppose some are not interested but life is worth pursuing and knowing.
    Yes, I am interested.
    I get to know myself more the older I get.

  2. An extremely valuable question. Statistically the majority of opinions are fed from outside of ourselves. It is only when we have a relationship with our true selves that our thoughts and opinions become our own. At least that’s what I believe.

  3. This is one of the great questions of Philosophy, that has been debated for centuries – can we have knowledge that is truly innate, or does it all come from experience? I think the most satisfactory answer is that the brain is an extremely complex and subtle organ that can create new knowledge based on tiny slivers of experience that we may not even be aware that we have had. In other words, both Rationalism and Empiricism are correct, but not wholly so.

    • Wow! I love your opinions and thoughts. Thanks.

      I really agree with your opinion. Continuing your last statement “but not wholly so.”, My orientation to spirituality which somewhat distinguishing philosophical and mystical thinking, where the philosophical view is generated by observing with the necessary distance, while the mystical view which is more forms of an act of merge or becomes, certainly results in experience and different views. The question is whether logic can see or understand something that is beyond its reach.


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