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Photos Chain Challenge – Stay away from my family!

It’s an older photo I took during a walk on the banks of the Saar River. It is a beautiful male swan. I saw him almost daily near the place where his pair nested. When swimming it holds the graceful neck in the shape of “S”, often holding the wings raised in the form of a shield. It is wonderful!

I saw him again after a while when he was already accompanied by his family.

The male swan engages in family defense with agitation and aggression sometimes. They can have aggressive behavior even with humans. You can see its reaction when it saw us (me and Maya) approaching.

  His gaze suggests … stay away from my family!

I share this photo with Photos Chain Challenge. See  the new rules HERE

  • It’s great to have someone to take care of your family, isn’t it?

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Written by Ileana Calotescu



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  1. Love it! A nice peaceful swan swimming quietly in a pond…wait a minute! Actually this is much more awesome than some peaceful boring swimming swan, just look at that body language! Stay away from my family. Loved that picture too, so sweet with the little ones. Thanks for the smile today!

  2. I so love the picture and the way you described it, I would have thought he has an attitude, but knowing why he is like this changes the way I feel about him. He is an amazing father.


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