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Patriotism and pride

Although we are immigrants expelled from our homeland, we do not forget our traditions and customs. This is a picture of a young woman in a national costume in Bulgaria. At the Bulgarian Fair in Pamplona Spain !! With the title “From the Spring of Orpheus”. Our feelings as emigrants are described in the poem “Bulgarche” by a great Bulgarian writer Ivan Vazov.

I am a Bulgarian. I love it

our mountains green,

Bulgarian to be called –

First joy is for me.

I am a Bulgarian free,

in the end free I live,

everything Bulgarian and native

love, tcha and millet.

I am Bulgarian, and I grow up

in great days, in glorious times,

son of a beautiful land,

I am a son of a mighty tribe.

© 2019-Elenka Smilenova All Rights Reserved

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Written by lacho59

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  1. You are a very proud Bulgarian and I am proud to say that I am a French Canadian first and English Canadian second. I understand your attachment to your native country, even though, I myself was born and still live in Canada. Whenever I traveled (in Morrocco and Luxembourg), I always presented myself as a French Canadian. Of course, our customs have been replaced by technology but there are still some reminders of our heritage for example at the Museum of Civilizations, at Thousand Isles where an early village was totally recreated etc. I have to admit though that I am very jealous of that young woman’s traditonal costume. It is very colourful, expertly sewed and stitched and her headress is very pretty and feminine.

    • Today the costumes are used in amateur art, some of the artistic elements – in applied art, arts and crafts and less often in modern clothing. I have never ceased to think of my country.


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