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Parsley, spice and medicine.

Robin Biznis December 2.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

 Parsley or garden parsley (Petroselinum crispum)In the cover photo you see a Parsley billiard I planted from seed in February this year. It is a two-year-old plant.Next year will bring a flower in which to plant seeds.Then the plant is no longer used. To note that this is Parsley foliage and other species have fewer leaves but therefore a larger root. The root is used mainly in culinary purposes.What makes it useful to have this plant in a garden, in a pot, or to buy it at a market?

-Mostly used as a diuretic tea that cleanses the channels of the urinary tract.It helps in removing the sand from the bladder.-Help improve iron absorption which is important for anemic people.-He has a large amount of vitamin C

-If you put 1 tablespoon of freshly chopped Parsley in a cup of sour milk, stir and overnight until tomorrow.Eat it the next morning. This will lower your blood sugar.

-Parsley y is rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals.-Parsley can refresh your breath.- Relieves stomach cramps.Pregnant women should use it sparingly.!!!How does Parsley serve cosmetic purposes? Parsley helps because:-Makes the visibility of the eye circles-Makes the visibility of the stain on the face and evens the complexion-Muscles inflammation and redness on the face- Destroys pimplesAs you can see this plant should be planted in a corner of the garden or at least be had from a drink or supermarket.Because the benefits of it are many.

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