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Papillon: dog and butterfly :)

Papillon dog breed also known as Continental Toy Spaniel. ‘Papillon’ means ‘butterfly’ in French. Their big ears with long and fringed hair look like butterfly wings. They are intelligent and friendly dogs with elegant and cute appearance: Photo from Wikipedia.

My illustration of this dog was sketched on paper and then digitally painted in Adobe Photoshop and Autodesk SketchBook. First I made different pencil sketches from photo references and then started to draw from imagination. You can see in this picture some influence of Art nouveau style, one of my favorite art styles.


You can see, how this image looks on t-shirts, mugs and other things here and here.

This picture on DeviantArt.


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    So, I want to ask, which of these sketches do you like most?

    • Romantic:)
    • Realistic
    • Stylized
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    I tried different backgrounds with this picture. Which one looks better?

    • Colored
    • Gray


What do you think?

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