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Our significance in this world

When you are told that you are small and cannot understand anything, it means, keep quiet and be content with what you have, who you are, and where you are. But anyone who thinks it is true is very wrong.

Nobody is small or is as small as he allows himself to be such.

We are all endowed with something that gives us greatness, but it is important to find and release that gift within ourselves, because only then can we feel happy.

Let’s fold-out our wings and fly where there is space for our soul. Let’s open our mouth and sing a song that will please our hearts. Stand up and go wherever we want to go. We will never be small if we always feel what we are big.

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  1. a footprint in the sand, moved a foot either way could be here tomorrow or be gone with the next wave.

    our need for our footprints to be seen forever is a uniquely human expression of our place in the universe. But like all things. it remains a footprint in the sand.

    • If we are here, we are for some reason and each of us has something to contribute. Just take an example of Virily – our little community. No one is superfluous here, each of us found a place to express ourselves, each of us something contributes to the site. The same view with the whole world. We can say we are just a drop in 8 billion people sea, but may we have a mission to accomplish here. Who knows?

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