People are happy when they love

People are happy when they love. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be love for a person. I love the places where the bench stands in front of the sea. I love cozy cafes that have delicious coffee. And I love them the most when I come alone.

Loneliness is a must. Not to understand that something is missing, because usually we lack nothing in life, everything we think of is just “imposed” things that we see and then convince ourselves that we need them.

Being alone, I think about what I love. Or about things I could do better, why sometimes I think one way and behave differently. I am silent because I love to be silent.

I love croissants in the morning, I love time when the sun is setting in the evening, I love old photo albums that talk about life, and the fresh air after the rain.

I get closer to people slowly, but I can’t let go them easily if they are close to me. I love nature, and most of all when it’s dawn and with a cup of coffee I can go outside and then just watch…

The soul must love. Every soul. Then we will not have to look for happiness.

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