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Ordinary pneumonia

Common pneumonia with the scientific name Pulmonaria officinalis is a miraculous medicinal plant that helps treat lung diseases such as asthma, (chronic) bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis. Pneumonia cures all forms of cough and is also recommended for gastrointestinal ailments and kidney problems. Common pneumonia is a herbaceous perennial from the srhkolistovka family, which is quite widespread in Europe. It has spotted hairy leaves, and in spring it opens at first pink flowers, which later turn purple. In folk medicine, it is considered a medicinal plant for lung problems. In Slovenia we find up to 7 different varieties of pneumonia, which can have purple, blue, pink or white flowers. Pneumonia is a perennial plant that blooms from March to the end of May, but thrives mainly in more humid areas, such as the edges of deciduous forests and meadows. The leaves and flowers of the plant are useful and need to be dried. Pneumonia contains many useful ingredients designed to alleviate health problems such as tannin, saponin, silicic acid, vitamin C and flavonoids (natural antioxidants).


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