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Only beauty will save the world

Today I left the home full of beauty will save the world, too much routine household awaits me here and I have no time for this. In addition, it turned out that I left the open window of the car overnight, and it got wet. Suddenly became clear – today will probably be one of those days when everything in my life will forget to succeed.

So, I run into the city and hit the parking lot in front of my agency. Getting out of the car, I hear the voice of an unfamiliar woman, “But what the beauty is this car snowed with leaves, it’s a prank of nature! Says as if to me, to herself or to the world, and goes her own ways.

And this is where I finally look at my car and feel ashamed – to my car, to the stranger woman, and most of all, to myself – I was so frustrated from the morning, and yet for such life’s trifles that I missed such beauty. Strange, all trees look already nude without leaves, so where from wind brought them and glued to my car? 

So, instead of going angry to all the world, take a look around, let us seek for what our eyes and hearts might catch, what could make our hearts happy. Because, as depressed Dostoevsky said, only beauty will save the world (and angry woman).

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