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The Coffee Talk – a bit frustrated due to the absence of snow

Still, apparently I’m changing because I’ve started to hear myself as if from the side. Dissatisfied, buzzing, looking for trouble even in the morning coffee cup. Well, well, maybe not so tragically, but still. I hear myself and for a moment I am horrified. God, how all this gray view outside started to frustrate me. I am not used to such winters that have no white cover that would change this gray view. 

I must say that always hated cold and snow. But this year, we have too much grayness, so strange but I started missing snow. Snow always brighten the day, it looked there is more light. 

So, I shut up and try to change the subject, tone, attitude, and mood of the conversation and I ask myself in my mind: Why do I find so many problems in that great world? And even if there is one another, is it necessary to feel frustrated every lovely day? Probably not. It really isn’t.

I think about how many good things can be done and how many wonderful thoughts can be tamed… only by taking and removing that nasty habit from me. If only finally solve the secret, how to enjoy this moment with the whole of your being.

To live not yesterday, not tomorrow – today. I have been learning it for many years, but what I am saying to myself is not a university or a paper diploma. This university of life is much more complex. How many years does it take on average for me to finish it? To rate yourself and your life by ten scores; to make yourself happy rather than frustrated by so tiny things?

Most importantly, in those moments when I am not frustrated, I am well aware – I am living well. Probably even very good. And I really have no good reason to complain.  Even the gray view outside soon will be changed by greenery and colors. As every year. 

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  1. After I have said my morning prayer I always hope there will not be something I suddenly realize I have to do because by then I put on the tea kettle and I am eager to get to my PC and start looking at my emails to see hopefully what good news might have come in.

  2. My “view’ is usually from the inside, so I only get frustrated by (negative) people but I think everything else depends on us and how we see it… 😉 Love the photo and thanks for posting within the challenge………!!! 🙂

      • Actually, I have two paper diplomas that can make my living, but the biggest university of life is learning how to live just now and enjoy each moment. It takes a lifetime. It looks like I already accomplished it but something happens and I feel that forgot everything that I have learned.

        • Wow, that is great, can you tell which ones……..?! 🙂 Yes, I understood that part and I agree, I just probably didn’t understand that you meant that diploma, heheeh… 😉
          Hehehehehe, yes…., that is how it happens, you think you learned it all but hard to be like that in the practical world…

          PS I remember you were on Tuetego too, are you still there………? I tried it for a short time but it was too much to use more than 1 site at the time, and now Introvert shared a couple of them too, which also looks nice, so I’m not sure if I should try them…
          I know some people are on several sites at the same time, I just don’t know how they manage that, and if you are too maybe you can advise me about some…? Thanks!… 🙂

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