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It no matters that we are not the best!

It no matters that we are not the best!

Many parents expect their children to be the most advanced pupils, the smartest students, the fastest athletes, and so on. And children learn and sweat as much as they can, but in vain – always only the second or third, or the fourth, or the fifteenth.

And when such children grow up, they start pushing themselves just be the most interesting person, the best musician, the most popular photographer, and the artist, loved by all.

They tried but always came out better and more interesting ones, and little by little the frustration comes and their hands fell down, sometimes without the strength to get out of bed, but somehow they force themselves like a robot got to work again. 

The most beautiful years of life pass in such a way. Until once you realize: you no longer want to be the Very Best.You just want to live. To live not by fighting for a medal, but by feeling all your time. Loving loved ones, enjoying the simple wonders of nature, and discovering the world you missed in your quest to win.And when you realize you do not have to be the best – you feel free!

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  1. I have a lot of my writing and poetry saved up in files on my PC and I can say that practice makes perfect. There are poems that I will probably rewrite or use just for inspiration because when I wrote them I thought them to be cleverly written but now I can say at that time I still needed a lot to learn. That is the same with my writing but I am still glad that I have saved up the articles because then I can see how much I have learned

    • I am so upset that lost most of my writings. I wrote for similar sites as Virily for years and managed to save only a little part. Now, I do not want to make the same mistake as reading old works you can see how much you have grown as a writer.


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