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On using MyLot, Earworms and Speakers

I’ve been playing around with using MyLot to start some initial ideas or themes. Although lately, I have been steering away from that a little, focusing more on things I find interesting at the moment. For example the last couple of days I posted questions about earworms. Earworms are what my children call a song that is stuck in your head. The only way to get rid of an earworm is to give it to someone else. The fun thing about the Amazon Alexa speaker is you can ask Amazon to play any song. I know after we went to see Bohemian Rhapsody I’ve been having Alexa play a lot of Queen music! Before that and for many years my permanent earworms were Neil Young songs.

The other side of earworms is the external sound production we call speakers. There are some solutions in the speaker space today that are interesting. I like portable speakers from JBL, but there are many other speakers that are interesting. Not, that you have to have a speaker, but the reality of your cell phones speaker is that while it is better now than ever before, you can get better sound from a dedicated speaker. The quality of the sound you hear makes a difference. A dedicated speaker allows you to do other things easily while listening to music, or listening to the conference call. That said speakers on cell phones are a lot better than they were, back in the day.

I also use my Sonos wireless speaker as a broadcast system at home. Apple Carplay lets you broadcast calls and your content in the car. Overall I find that the quality of the speakers makes a huge difference.  The other side, however, is that speakers can be expensive. When I was in college, I remember a house my friends and I used to go to all the time. The person that lived there was an adjunct professor but spent all his time and money on Stereo equipment. He had tower speakers that cost more than a thousand dollars apiece. We all used to sit n his living room and listen to music. He also had more than 10,000 LP’s in his house and a reel to reel tape recorder. I wonder if he still has those massive speakers.

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