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North Americans to Go Back to Work

Donald Trump hinted North Americans would go back to work after the Easter holiday. This is a result of the lockdown that is having an effect on the country’s economy. This is understandable when you consider when businesses and companies are closed or their services are reduced, this will have a negative effect on the economy. Also, it might increase the rate of unemployment.

However, health authorities are of a different opinion. WHO stated the US might end up like Italy if the government allows people to go back to work. It is predicted the US might become the epicentre of the pandemic disease. 

What is your take? Trump said flu kills more Americans annually than the coronavirus. Also, road accidents claim more lives than coronavirus.

This is when you are faced with a dilemma of trying to balance things.

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Written by Benny


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  1. I have a hard time watching him speak or read for that matter. Its just excruciating. Yes, he is I guess, maybe trying to keep panic at bay. We do know he does not put the people first. Its all about the green back.

  2. i suspect the desire to get the country moving forward is a driver. I think that his ‘throwing’ the idea out was more of a trial balloon than anything.

    will it happen? yes, America will reopen after Easter. How long after Easter is still open for debate.

    • Don’t you think if it will be reopened it will spell a disaster since cases of infection are increasing in the country? I understand the need to get people to work but am concerned about its rapid rise.
      We will wait to see how long it will be reopened? This disease is driving the world crazy with many people being laid off.

  3. I’m sure that’s not a good idea. In our country, too, there are workers at home. We will have big problems because of this (my country is very small) but in the first place is human health.

  4. That is not what the man said. He said he would *like* for the people to go back. The situation will depend on whether that happens of not. You, along with a lot of other Democrats have spread a falsehood. Shame on you in such a time of panic!

    • This has not do with being democrat or republican. I don’t support abortion neither gay relationship. Health authorities said it would not be wise for Trump to ask people to go back to work. It is due to health experts’ concern that he said by the end of the month he will reassess the situation. Also remember some republican governors were not of the opinion Americans should not go back to work very soon.

    • So putting a Democrat in office that supports abortion and thinks the government should pay for all abortions would be the answer? And tax the people at approximately 50% of their income? I don’t know about you, but I worked for my retirement funds and I want to keep 100% of them. No thanks to socialism which is what they are pushing. Look at those countries now. They are not thriving.

  5. We has seen the kind of havoc that this disease is wreaking around the world. When we know it spread by human contact it is better to stay home, the economy will repair itself in a year or two but will the dead come to life? We certainly have to ask ourselves some questions .. Is human life and suffering not worth anything at all?


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