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No toilet No bride !

In the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, the issue of toilets has become more serious. The Indian government imposed unique conditions on the groom and demanded selfie in the bathroom.

The Madhya Pradesh government has introduced this unique marriage scheme, The application can only be made on the condition that bride has to prove that her husband’s house has a bathroom. Government officials cannot check the bathroom in every house, so they have asked the bride to stand in the bathroom and take selfies.

In Madhya Pradesh, if the bride proves that her husband’s house has a bathroom, then Rs. 51,000 will be given by the government as a reward. This demand has emerged not only in the countryside but also by the municipal corporation of Bhopal city.

A Bhopal citizen said he was told that the judge would not even sign his marriage paper until the bridegroom provided her pictures in the bathroom. It should be remembered that the Government’s scheme for bathrooms in India is from 2013 but the picture option has been added recently.

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