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Never Too Cold for Ice Cream

I have always enjoyed ice cream any time of the year. No matter what the weather is outside, I can eat a bowl. I have a few favorite flavors but there are not many I do not like. I just always eat in moderation. I have a small bowl for just a snack. Then a larger if I am really treating myself. I remember Dustin never ate ice cream when it was cold. He could not believe I could eat it during the winter. He would drink hot chocolate and I ate ice cream. Good memories.

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    Do you enjoy ice cream when it is cold outside?

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    • No
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    Do you have a favorite dessert?

    • Ice Cream
    • Cake
    • Cookies
    • Pie
    • Brownies
    • Other not listed
    • All of the above!


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Written by Carol DM


  1. Best believe I was not passing this post up. As a lover of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Yes, indeedy I love ice cream in the Winter. In fact, I used to make time during the weeks in my semester to have it to keep me sain.