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I’m really not that into cars and to me ANYCARILDO as long as it gets me from A to B in reasonable comfort. Of the possibly 65 cars I have owned, there is one exception, my red Austin Heally “Sprite”, nic named “Frog Eyes”  Oh, yes, I can assure you that I really did own 65 automobiles, bought and paid for. Here’s the thing, for a good few years, I was buying used cars, touching up minor stuff, paint scratches, missing screws, a side mirror here, a smooth tire there and always sold with C.O.R., (certificate of roadworthiness) 

It was a good life as I soon picked up a pretty-nice small-town reputation of selling, only good, affordable cars. This post, however, is not about selling cars but to share a bit of 1960s nostalgia. I was single back then and covered the length and breadth of our country adding 1000’s of miles of trouble-free traveling in this remarkable little car. 

I had bought it on auction for $60 and drove it for 5 years when I was made a kind of Maffia offer, you know, the kind you could not refuse, to the tune of $550 cash!!

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