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My review of the Bamboo Folio (Pen and Paper tablet connected to your phone)

I love the feel of pen on paper. It is something that I’ve continued to enjoy for many years now. A while ago I got a good deal on the Bamboo Folio. It is a product from Wacom that allows you to connect pen, paper, and your mobile phone or tablet. There are some “smart” pens and pads on the Market. They only apply to you, if you like pen on paper. If you are comfortable with the interaction of screen and pen, you probably won’t care about this. To begin with the history of stylus and pens, the original smartphones had a stylus with them. Steve Jobs felt that wasn’t the answer, and of course, Apple had bombed with the Newton (a stylus-based PDA).

However, my original career in the computer world, was before there were smartphones and the option of drawing on the screen. I remember the first Wacom tablets. They were USB connected to your PC and allowed you to draw. I am not good at drawing, but I do like to create visual diagrams to later move to Visio and other applications. I began in the world of paper notes.

  1. I’ve used or been given some electronic or smart pens over the years.
    1. Livescribe
    2. Wacom’s first pen
    3. eBeam
    4. OneNote
  2. The type of pen is critical
    1. I like smaller pens (Livescribe is a big pen)
    2. I don’t want to be tethered to my PC or tablet
    3. I still love the feel of paper.

Overall the two components for me are to be still able to use paper, but to convert that on the fly to digital. In the conversion process, I want o to be able to convert my notes to editable text. I also wish to be able to convey ideas (Architectural drawings) easily to my computer. The Bamboo folio operates in two modes one is offline uploading notes to your PC/Tablet. The other is live mode. Both are easy to set up and use.

The picture shows the inkspace application installed on my iPhone. The inkspace application is how you connect to the folio.

The calibration application allows you to finetune how your folio captures information.

Overall my rating of the Bamboo Folio is an 8 out of 10.

  • Do you love the feel of pen on paper?

    • Yes
    • No


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