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My positive Virily Experience – A Platform Like None Other

I wanted to join Virily for a long time and each time I checked the site it still showed that it was not accepting new registrations. I kept the Virily vigil for six months and one fine day Virily opened up. Great was my joy that I announced it in a couple of forms and many of us joined Virily.

I love this platform for a few reasons. I love taking photographs and Virily makes it possible to share them here.

It allows me to share my thoughts in which ever way I want, there is no restriction on the number of words or topics.I can write poetry, rant about anything or even just view other posts , read, comment and have fun here. The freedom this platform provides is amazing.

What is better is I can just post a picture here, I don’t even have to write more than a sentence on some formats here.

Virily doesn’t hamper my style too much with strict standards for grammar. This makes it easier for people whose  mother tongue is not English to contribute without any problems .  Virily is an easy to work platform.

The friendly people here and their positive comments help me feel like Virily is home. I am just happy here doing my thing, enjoying every moment I am on Virily.

#My Positive Virily Experience

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  1. I have old friends and many new ones here .. I know that at any point in the world if I go on a trip I will have at least one friend. This makes me happy.Thank you very much for the friendship between us.

  2. I have met some great friends here even though it’s only online … I only get annoyed when the owners are so indifferent and irresponsible … you have a hard time making contact … everything else is great …. certain members are also a little weird and I avoid those people

  3. i joined your wonderful challenge and had a blast! Virily is fun. Many of us were on Niume, and when Niume’s creator died, we migrated to Virily. There were other sites before that and some of the authors here have been hanging out for years!

    • Thanks, Doc I read and commented on your posts. Niume was one site I did not join. My friends from hubpages were all insisting that I join, but I had too much going on then in real life.
      We need more positivity here. I being abused and bullied all day long I think I need more positive people posts around here.

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