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I love Virily

I love Virily. Not only allows us to write anything we want but also we can read articles from writers all around the world learning a lot thereby. Those who criticize Virily are in reality afraid of losing it because they cannot accept how lucky we are of having a writing site like Virily who pays us for doing what we do really love.

If you think Virily treats its writers bad I suspect you have never had a real job in real life. If you hate Virily, please write your opinion on the comments section

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  1. Love Virily very much!!! Firstly because of possibility of communication & exchanging opinions with lots of interesting people!!! Also knew so many curious, important and useful things there!!! And, of course, for the great chance of earning money for doing favorite work!!!

  2. Overall Virily is a good site to share our content and interact with the members. All I wish for is for the admin to provide a platform to interact with and for them to announce updates and so on.

  3. I have been here for almost 3 years and have met some wonderful people …. what bothers me most is the attitude of the executives at Viriliy …. if you write them they ignore you and it is very difficult to get any answer

  4. It is very encouraging to read positive posts like yours, Alberto. The consistently negative commentary I read from certain quarters just brings everyone down. It is always possible to find negatives, but it is healthier and advantageous for everyone to focus on the positive. Virily is a great site. Otherwise I would not be here since 2017 🙂


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