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My little girl seems out of sorts today

Zoe is always full of energy, she is always playing and running up and down. The summer heat seems to have zapped both our dogs of their energy. However, it is always easy to tease Zoe out of her calm by picking up a ball or one of her squeaky toys. Today she won’t eat, or even play with me. She follows me with her eyes most of the time and sometimes gets up to follow me when I move to another floor.

I have a few tricks in the bag, but for one I’ll have to wait for the sun to go down before I use it.  We just have to say,’ let’s get your leash’ and she will come all alive and happy once again. The other one is to mention the names of the veggies and fruits she loves. – banana, mango, green beans, tomatoes, carrots all work like magic on her. This perhaps may not work right now. Ice cream maybe the magic word I need to try. For a little dog her vocabulary is quite good I guess.

I know its just the heat that is troubling her, she will be fine in the evening and will clean up her bowl, but for now she has just become a nice little rug at the end of the stairway.

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  1. Awe, poor girl. I feel ya. I do the same thing when its hot. Luna has issues.. Weather is her fear. She is extremely afraid of wind. Two days ago we had a nice breeze. I wouldnt even call it windy, but she sure did. She clung to my leg, I must of stepped on her toes a half a dozen times. Pets can be moody depending on the breed and pet. You said she likes all those veggies? Try freezing some and giving it to her. Or just making them extra cold in the freezer without freezing. I hope the walk in the evening cheered her up some.

  2. my daughter’s dog can be very finicky with food, people and the world. She will sometimes slink around the house, avoiding humans.

    the rest of the dogs are labs (or a 1/2 lab) and they shrug off frustration!

  3. When I lived in Latvia my cat Sid knew how to stay cool when the summer got hot. He went out in the garden and crawled under a big leafy bush and stayed there all day. Perhaps Zoe needs some time in front of a big fan.

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