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My In House Amazon Forest

Well this is a small clip of my large in-house Amazon forest.  I have plants growing everywhere in the house. My husband often jokingly tells me that the only spare place in the house is his head. Hmm..  I could take him seriously lol, but for now I will find other spaces in and around our home.

The sweet potato vine that I grow on the mezzanine floor suddenly started to grow so long and obstruct our view of the TV. I had to tie it up and allow it to curve through the hand railing.  The same thing happened on the staircase a few weeks back and I had to trim the plant really short.

I love having green plants all around our home, it makes me feel life I am living outdoors. House plants bring me closer to nature and make me feel happy all the time even in times of lockdown as we are in right now.

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    House plants do bring the outdoors indoors, right?

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    • Thankfully light isn’t too much of a problem here. However I take care to use only plants which can survive indoors with less light. I also keep change my plants once in a fortnight wherever possible.


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