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My Daily Picture – Daily walk in Chindia Park

We’re in full winter. Even if the cold urges us to stay in the house, warmth, a small walk in the park is always welcome. It is white and quiet everywhere. There are not many who dare to face the cold today! It seems Maya and I are the only brave ones!?

It’s a sunny afternoon! Why not take advantage of this?  We dared to go out  in much harsher conditions, remember ?

Have a nice day!


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Written by Ileana Calotescu



  1. Very beautiful day indeed over there. I wish I still had my Tasha. She was the one who would drag me outside to walk everyday. But I still manage to walk but not as often as I need to as my knees have been taking a beating lately from good old arthritis. But what the hay, a little pain never killed anybody so off to to walk to the living room I go. Keep your photos coming. They help me and all the Virilyans (I am sure) relax and enjoy the day a little bit more.