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Mr Bean 'turned 65 years old – UK's asset

Rowan Atkinson, the most famous Hollywood actor who made the world laugh with his unique acting career, turned 66 today. Hollywood actor Rowan Atkinson celebrates his 66th birthday January 6, 2020.

Born January 6, 1955 in English County Durham, Rowan began his career with the BBC radio program ‘The Atkinson People. After launching a career with the radio program, he produced a comedy show ‘Not the  9,O Clock News’ from the BBC.

In 1990 he performed the first comedy show of ‘The Helpless Mr Bean’ while he also performed several sequences of ‘Mr Bean’. In 1997, director Mel Smith made a film called Mr Bean. The second film of the same series was made under the name ‘Mr Bean Holiday’ in 2007.

Rowan also appeared in a popular television series ‘The Thin Blue Line’ between 1995 and 1997 In which he played the role of a police inspector and his serious acting was greatly appreciated in this television series.

In 2003 he also starred in the James Bond series parody film “Johnny English.” which sequel was released on October 7, 2007 under the name ‘Johnny English Reborn’. He also perform his acting in the film Johnny English 3. On November 9, 2012, Rowan decided to say goodbye forever to the role of the famous ‘Mr Bean’.

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