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Movies and Me

As a kid watching movies in a theatre was never heard of  We got to see documentaries – boring and tiring in the school. 

The first movie I watched in a threatre was Robe a religious one and so it was for every youngster of those times. It is only later when I moved to a city seeking greener pastures I got an opportunity to watch movies and more so after I got married  Practically every saturday we had  rendezvous with theatres galore. 

I no longer go to theatres as I find it very noisy – I had one such experience a long time ago but no more. I watch movies sitting in the confines of my home now and that too rarely  I spend time online sharing and learning 

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  1. I was never a fan of the movie …. I am not a movie fan …. what comedy or a beautiful love movie I still look at … violence and crime is too much in real life … I have not been in the cinema for 40 years

  2. So Grace, you had to get tickets in advance if you wanted to watch something in the theater. I remember so many kids talking and making noise during the movie. I wonder if their parents wanted them out of the house so sent them to the theater and there they bothered others. Makes sense to get tickets ahead of time. Too bad you could not get your money back for all the noise. I would just go when wanted to see something and if not sold out fine but if sold out would see if anything else to see.


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