My Fair Lady

Some movies are immortal like My Fair Lady. I have watched it may be thrice and I knew practically all the popular lines in there. 

Who can forget the line ‘The Rain in Spain stays mainly in the planes” and how Audry Hepburn had to be trained over and over again.

And what about that line ‘Come on Rovere move your bloomin   ar…… and this when she was watching the Ascot Horse  Race where the classy people are seen.   I could go on and on. 

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  1. I have that movie on video. It is a classic. Actually I remember that Julie Andrews was asked to star in the movie. It was good that Hepburn got the role because as it usually happens in movies What would My Fair Lady be without Hepburn and what would The Sound of Music be without Julie Andrews. These two actresses made these roles their own and you could not even imagine them changing roles,


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