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Most Common Birds That Eat Fish

Common birds that dive from the air include gulls, pelicans, gannets and terns. Birds that dive from the surface of the water include loons, grebes, cormorants and certain species of ducks. Penguins are also divers.

Birds primarily dive into or under the water to catch food. Surface diving birds usually eat underwater plants, fish or shellfish. Most of those species have legs further in the back to help propel them through the water. 

Birds that dive from the air usually eat fish. They protect their heads and necks by flexing them depending on the speed and angle of the dive.

I love watching the puffins on the Nat Geo documentaries. Have never seen one in person, but they, along with penguins and eagles are my favorites. The American bald eagle’s (photo courtesy of Nat Geo) diet consists of 60 to 90 percent fish.  

I will write more about each bird as time allows.

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  1. I have never seen a bird diving to catch a fish. Normally, I have seen eagles trying to catch chickens. In such times, I usually pick a stone to avoid that incident. I read eagles are strong enough to capture small animals like kittens.


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